Friday’s Must-Have: Let It Rain

When it’s raining and all blue, I somehow want to match the weather. I want to become a part of the blue world, where blue means peace, relaxation and nothing more than that.

When looking from an artistic perspective, blue colour used to be one of the most inspirational and widely used within impressionists. Even Van Gogh would differentiate the various shades of blue: cobalt blue, lighter blue, bluish white of the Milky way, sea blue and prussian blue. Probably that’s why human’s eye is capable of distinguishing “sad” and “happy” shades of blue.

If it happens that it’s not raining, then  I start dreaming about drowning into the invisible waters of Friday’s joy (regardless of the fact that in the English language blue often represents the human emotion of sadness!), and I want to match the rainy, hypnotizing and warm summer weather. Therefore, I put a blue shirt on.

Blouse from ESPRIT

Blouse from ESPRIT


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