The Lemon Diet Of N.Campbell

Even though a British model Naomi Campbell keeps telling about the good genes, the result of her stunning body is a strict regime. The diet, that Naomi is so fond of in its core is just a rigid body cleansing. Women also sometimes call it “Master Cleanse Fast”.

During the diet which lasts for 10 days (minimum) Naomi drinks a beverage prepared from the water, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Despite the lemonade, one can drink non-carbonated water and mint tea. And nothing more. Slightly drastic diet, yet if it helps…

A couple of Hollywood celebrities, such as Beyonce and Anne Hathaway have also tried the diet and have become fans of it. However, according to dietitian, the mentioned detox diet has got zero nutritional value and therefore is not healthy at all…

Yet when it comes to food, Naomi has got 3 rules:

- Eat 5 times a day with short pauses and consume small portions of food (obviously);

- Eat artichoke. It is known that Naomi eat a little artichoke when craving for sweets.

- Eat as less salt as possible, since one of the characteristics of salt is that it keeps the water in our bodies. Try using chilli and ginger instead.

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