Lauren Bowey: Sustainable Products From Australia To Denmark

At the age of twenty Australian Lauren Bowey got a working holiday visa and moved to London, where she started working in animal rights organization PETA. After she met one Danish man, while he was visiting London, she decided to try something new and decided to move to Denmark, where she’s now been living for nearly 5 years.

Lauren (on the left) and her business partner Rebecca

Lauren (on the left) and her business partner Rebecca

Wild soul

“When I moved to Europe, London, I participated in a lot of campaigns and was very active as well as interested in animal rights. Back then, I was an environmental activist and worked as a coordinator in an animal rights organization. I participated in all worthy campaigns, such as ones against bull-fighting activities, anti-fur campaigns and, generally, I was very concerned about this issue”, tells Lauren. “While in London, I met a Danish guy who became my boyfriend and with whom I moved to Denmark. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out. Yet shortly after I met another man that I fell in love with, Jacob, who has became my husband”, tells her story Lauren.

Entrepreneurship and networking

Being a foreigner in a country without knowing the local language can doubtlessly be difficult, especially when it comes to finding a job. A number of expats face the obstacles in a job market due to the lack of language skills.”I have heard from many expatriates that it is hard to find a job, especially if you do not speak Danish”, says Lauren who also tried living in her homeland together with the husband. “We lived in Australia for a while but finally decided to move back to Denmark. Since I had heard it was difficult to find a job in Denmark without speaking the language, I got an idea to start my own business. I thought that I could connect both countries – Denmark and Australia – and I was excited about having my own business as well as keeping the connection with Australia”, says Lauren.

The Green Suitcase: brands from Australia

“When you get a business idea you imagine making millions right away, but it takes a lot of time and money to establish what you had thought of in the very beginning”, says Lauren. Who, while having ideas of establishing a company, started visiting trade fairs in Australia. ”I tried to establish as many contacts as possible and simply approached companies asking if they would like to have a brand representative in Europe. I established a couple of great contacts with brands that we continue to work with.”

Currently, The Green Suitcase is representing such companies as Apple&Bee, Elk, Messagemark, LoveHate and ALAS: Australian bags, clothing and jewelry. “The ethical as well as environmental values inspired us to choose the products we represent”, claims the entrepreneur.


“I like living in Denmark”, says Lauren. “I love the equality of people here.” And it looks like not only Lauren likes Denmark, but the country is also flourishing due to the activity of positive and energetic people. “This year we participated in Copenhagen Fashion Week, where we had a good time. It was great to meet other companies and network with them as well as find some lovely new stores for our brands. It was a great experience.”

It looks like The Green Suitcase is supporting the sustainable design industry and is becoming more and more popular. “We got very good responses during Copenhagen Fashion week and are looking forward to growing even more”.

You can visit The Green Suitcase showroom at Nansensgade 38, Copenhagen.

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