Juicing Reboot Day 5 or People Call Me Crazy!

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This Easter holiday I watched a movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. It is a documentary about a guy, who decided to go on 60 day juicing reboot and try to get his health back (50kg overweight, loaded up on steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease). It got me so excited and intrigued, that I decided to go on 10 day reboot myself.

10 days with no food and with no coffee? I say it’s crazy! We love to do spring cleaning in our homes, and talk about beach season, but why not to do spring cleaning in our body? The plan was to go 10 days only on freshly squeezed juices. About 70% greens 30% fruits. Have I ever gone so long without chewing my food? No. I love food, but my curiosity, to see what this reboot will do to my body and sanity, took over.

What goes in juicer?

There are as many people, as many opinions when it comes to juicing. I decided to go as green as possible. Plan was to go 70% vegetables (greens) and 30 % fruits, and preferably everything has to be organic. Reality was a bit different. Broccoli and kale gave so little juice, that I would have to get 3 heads of kale, 1 cucumber and broccoli to have a glass of juice, and to get everything organic in this time of the year was a bit complicated, so I often ended up having cucumber, broccoli, spinach and apple to make it taste a bit better. For me as a food addict, it was hard to drink only something so “interesting”. I ended up using more tasty veggies and fruits as carrots, oranges, apples, some berries and to that juice I added some spinach.  It is good to soak veggies and fruits in water with added vinegar and salt to get them clean before using.

veggies for the juice

How much and how often?

As I was going on 10 day reboot (call it detox, cleanse), I had my juices as meals, 4-5 glasses a day, every 3h.

What are the benefits of juicing?

Resolves health and weight problems, cleans our organisms from toxins and will give your body time to rejuvenate as it does not have to work hard on all the nasty and heavy stuff we intake with most of our food.

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How did it go till day 5?
First day was more about lots of thinking. Why do I do it? Oh, I’ll better have something to eat. I’m just crazy. Day 2 was not good, I was hungry all the time and tired, by the evening I was light headed. Day 3 still tired and less hungry. Day 4 hunger was gone!!! Food and all the smells that come with it were unpleasant to be around. Day 5 I don’t care about food! I have more energy and feel light. Idea of putting something heavy and unhealthy in my mouth seems horrible. I do work out every day and so far I have lost 2 kg, but I can see that this loss is not the same as when I eat clean. It’s more about being empty than feeling thinner.
…to be continued when done after a day 10 :)

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