Two Happy Lovers Spotted!

I met Johanne (18) and Tobias (19) on Ryesgade as they were walking hand-in-hand. They were really standing out of the crowd and looked very beautiful toghether. “Why do you love each other?”, I asked. “Why? Just because!”.


Ramona August


I am a multi-tasking person who likes to combine different hobbies and interests. Photography is one of my main passions and I’ve been doing it since 2009. Beautiful people that I meet either on the street or other public spaces inspire me to show that a good style comes both from the attitude and the clothes one is wearing. Besides photography, I am an MA Anthropology student at Aarhus University and I’m very interested in sustainability topics. Also, I am a fire dancing performer and teacher. In my spare time, I love to sew unique, one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories. As you can see, you can never have too many passions…

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