January Saving Tips

As we hit the halfway point of January, many of our bank balances have been depleted and our lunchpacks for work are made up of leftover cookies as well as some leftover Christmas salad. As for New Years resolutions we have promised ourselves to be more savvy when it comes to finances. I bet many of us have also written down a NY resolution related to saving – “spend less, save more”.

To help you on the way we’ve got a list of most useful money saving tips that will serve you in the long run keeping in mind the objective to spend less and life comfortably. And, overall, spend wisely to avoid financial deprivation both in short and long term.

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“Think before you shop” should be the golden rule from now on. Do a food audit once a month carefully examining what you actually have (also, by looking at all the jars of jam and sauces you’ve saved up). Careful examination will help you to make the list of necessary items which will be helpful once shopping. Also, cutting down takeaway and trying to cook more at home may save you a great amount of money.


As crazy as it may sound, doing some shopping in January might be a good idea. A number of stores are offering considerable discounts for the items that you might have dreamt of a long time, and it may be one of the best times to get something you’ve wanted with the great discount offered. Also, basics like soap and cleaners are usually on sale because they’re in holiday packaging. However beware of false savings – stop purchasing the things just for the sake of discount. We only encourage you to get the things you really want and need.


When it comes to entertainment, planning is your best friend. Planning your entertainment, including holidays, may save you a huge chunk of money. Have a look at the deal websites offering entertainment packages and holiday deals – by doing this in advance you can save up a couple of hundred euros. Cinema, theatre and a great number of entertainment centers, such as swimming pools and bowling centers normally have discount offers on specific timing and days – make sure you plan your entertainment to save a penny (or two).

Do you have any ideas on how to save money after the crazy period of spending? Share your thoughts with us – we’d be happy to hear from you!

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