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DIY Christmas Decorations


Who said that Christmas decorations have to be expensive? We’re sharing some budget ideas on how to decorate your home right before Christmas

DIY Ideas: Decorate Your Home

do it yourself

Many students cannot afford expensive and fancy decorations. I have another option: do-it-yourself ideas that would not be costly and would improve the looks of your apartment instantly.

How To Use Euro Pallets?

Euro palets

Who would have thought that pallets, some time ago used in railway transport, would serve a purpose of a… furniture?

Clothing Design + Interior Design = ?

please eat!

Clothing design + interior design = ? How would you finish this arithmetic operation?

ASOS: Trendy Interior Of a Trendy Online Shop


ASOS, a UK-based online shop offers trendy clothes to young women, yet its interior is not less trendy than products they offer.

Kate Moss Mood Board

Kate Moss Red

We are presenting you the first mood board in Fameiva – series of inspirational collages that will (hopefully) lead you towards some changes in your closet and your interior.