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Not only notably feminine, but also emphatically “rock” Lala Berlin embarks on the fall/winter season 2013. Inspired by “godmother of punk“ Patti Smith as well as her Persian roots, designer Leyla Piedayesh ventures into an artistic field of tension between the poles of western protest culture, oriental tradition and avant-garde futurism.

On the road of fashion revolution the legendary Lala Berlin Parka is a must and is hence celebrating its renaissance with a revised design. It is accompanied by voluminous bomber and biker jackets. On the whole the outerwear look is defined by slightly oversize H- and O-line silhouettes which together with miniskirts and skinny jeans portray the epitome of female coolness. Sexy transparent silk dresses combined with the raw charm of the Lala Berlin biker waistcoat bring the current Lala Berlin look to the point. The choice of material is exquisite without exception. Silks in the shape of crepe de chine and georgette, either self-coloured or with expressive prints, constitute the basis. To underline the “rock” attitude various styles are combined with leather.

Colourful coat

The knit collection is characterized by an exclusive choice of premium fibers. It features yarns of captivating lightness, softness and quality, from cashmere to mohair and angora. An element of excitement is added through the use of metallic thread and high quality hand knit yarns. In terms of colour the winter collection moves within a red palette that ranges from rosy to bright pink and from red to burgundy. This is framed by blocks of black and cream while different shades of blue forming a beautiful contrast. In addition to the popular camouflage pattern another important print is the ethno pattern which is dissected and pieced back together in different ways in order to create variations. These are nestled between a playful star print on the one hand, and the Matrix print on the other. The Matrix print in particular is the result of a discourse with the science fiction theme.

Grey Sweaterdress

pink fewer

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