New Ideas For Autumn Fitness

As the temperature drops and days get shorter, there are fewer activities left outdoors. But, on the other hand, many classes at the gyms and elsewhere get started exactly in fall. So, look around and see if something intrigues you. Fall is the perfect time to gain new physical skills as you burn fewer calories when you begin a new activity. If you learn something new now, by the next summer, you’ll have mastered the skill and you’ll burn more calories doing it, just in time for swimsuit season. And, NO, spring or the day after the New Year isn’t the right time to get ready for the bikini season.

From autumn Fitness World gym is presenting two new classes for the girls (who knows, maybe it could become one of your favorite activities…). The first one is called H.I.T. which stands for High Intensity Training and that’s exactly what you get at this class: lots of exercises with high intensity. The training is structured so that you alternately make the pulse and strength-based training in blocks. In pulse blocks you will get cardio exercises without choreography. The interval-based heart rate exercises boost your form and send your metabolism towards the clouds. At the same time, the exercises are kept so simple that you can focus entirely on getting as much as possible from the workout. Strength exercises are focused on activation of the major muscle groups. In addition, the exercises are complex, so you always work with more than one muscle group at a time. That way you get efficient strength training with high intensity that is guaranteed to produce results. In short, the result of this class will be greatly increased combustion, muscle strength and entirely toned body.

The second class is called PowerToning and it’s an hour of strength training where the exercises are taken to the next level. The class is structured into four workouts: three strengths rounds and then so-called power-round. In strengthening rounds you will work with efficient and challenging exercises. Exercises are combined with a high-intensity and give you effective strength training that increases your muscle endurance and strength, and gets your metabolism up. In one of strength sessions the instructor will focus on core exercises. Moreover, power-round is a challenge to you through intense strength exercises where you will be working with heart rate and muscle endurance. This is the round that really helps to improve your shape and makes a significant scale of your combustion account. Strength Round is often structured as a challenge when it comes to give it as much gas as possible. All this helps you achieve a leaner, more toned body.

And for the end… don’t forget to fuel your body. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and water will help your body stay energized longer and achieve better results when exercising. So, start planning your new autumn activities today and maintain your fit body.

Egle Mockeviciute

Zumba Instructor

Dance is my passion. It moves me and gives me energy, but I never say no to other kinds of sports. I love trying new things which enrich me with challenges and astonishing experiences. I believe that the true beauty is hiding inside of every person and only then come high heels and glitter. Therefore, healthy-lifestyle and active leisure are inevitable parts when creating the overall beauty. Also, I have a Bachelor degree in Marketing and Management Communication, at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences. That’s why I am excited about combining the two things that interest me the most – communication with readers about my life’s passion.

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