How To Relax Better After Work

Even though it’s 7pm and you’re at home sipping your favorite tea, your head is full of thoughts on unfinished projects, approaching deadlines and some annoying co-worker you had a chat with earlier today. It seems like today you’ve had a tough day and all you wanted for your personal time is to simply “turn off” your working mind and relax but… no, not happening. And I believe we all are familiar with this situation that we are still mentally working at home even though we wish this wasn’t happening.

Here’s some good news: you are not alone and it’s perfectly normal to be anxious about your job and keep mentally “working” out of your work space. Studies actually show that 7 out of 10 adults experience work-related anxiety that is felt regardless of time and environment.

Here are a few simple ways to let your mind and body enjoy some self-time to prepare for the next day.

1. Take A Walk

One way to include yourself in a relaxing environment is to seek it out in nature by taking a walk. If you happen to live around 2-6 kilometers away from your work then take a walk back home instead of driving or using public transportation. A cool breeze and a long walk with refresh your mind and will “prepare” it for the full relaxation at home. Take that time to digest your thoughts and turn your “work mode” off once you go through your doorstep.

2. Train The Muscle

Continuing your difficult and tiring day training might not sound like the best idea ever but it might actually be! Many people get anxious when they are not doing anything that gives them purpose. Physical exercise releases endorphins (also knowns as “happpiness hormones”) so you will feel happier and even more energetic. Only if you don’t overdo, of course.

3. Read

One good way to relax at home after work is shifting your focus from problem solving to rather something creative, such as reading or painting. By stimulating your imagination you will not have to physically transport anywhere, but you will be able to “live” and lose yourself in the story. Reading relaxes your mind and diverts your thoughts from stressful issues to something beautiful.

4. Seek Company

Company is underrated. Most people after a tiring day assume that they would like to spend some time alone, reflecting on their thoughts and actions. But there is nothing more relaxing than having a long, meaningful conversation with somebody you care about or playing with the kids. Nurture their company, give them a long hug and engage in a meaningful conversation. It will be easier to get rid of stressful thoughts if you concentrate on other people, their lives and stimulate yourself socially.

5. Treat Yourself With Food

If your day was filled with meetings and running around, you have probably not had quality time to just sit, relax and enjoy your meal (have you had any at all?). A hungry mind is an angry mind – so divert your thoughts into something pleasant and useful. You don’t have to be a master chef to create something mouthwatering – try a simple Chopped Salad or One-Bite Snacks. A good meal will replenish your calorie supply and some chopping action will help you “let it go”… :) You know what I mean.

6. Relax With Music

Hearing is one of the senses that have a strong direct effect on our mood. If you want to relax, dissociate yourself from noise and surround yourself with positive, uplifting sounds.


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