Hot Buns… Literally?

You might have heard the word “buns” to be used to describe the soft and round place of our bodies. A  three-floor burger restaurant, opening in a few weeks in Copenhagen, seems to have taken the “buns” seriously. Very seriously.

(Photo: Hot Buns)

(Photo: Hot Buns)

A cheeky online job description states that “it’s iportant that you are outgoing, good at making contact and are completely fine that your working uniform will be denim shorts and a tank top”.

A burger restaurant, opening in Gothersgade in Copenhagen will serve burgers and milkshakes, where one could expect the goodies to be served by young, attractive and voluptuous girls. Sounds familiar? Yes, in a way it is - such concept is similar to the Amrican restaurant chain Hooters.

Hot Buns are expected to open a burger restaurant in Aarhus once again with the new concept. The owner has also revealed about the plans to expand and open restaurants in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

If you are a young man, looking for a job, you should not apply for the Hot Buns . Only girls are expected. Hmm… Outgoing voluptuous girls, denim shorts, “sinful” food and a relatively sinful-looking environment. I bet this place will be fulled of adventure-seeking men…


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