Hit the Heat Wave

Fitness World now offers a new concept of classes called Heat Wave which includes both pilates and yoga lessons.



What is Heat Wave ?

It consists of two classes  pilates and yoga. The seminar is happening in a room , which is heated with infra red heat up to 37 degrees , providing great training benefits. The infra red rays warm your muscles and joints from the inside. With infra red rays heated body becomes faster and deeper warmed , so you will experience greater flexibility. Also, it will become easier to get deeper into the positions of yoga and pilates. Heatwave classes bring an ancient practice into the 21st century to assist with daily challenges such as  weight loss, stress management, tight muscles, insomnia and detoxification.

Results of Heat Wave :

  • Your body will be more balanced
  • Better elimination of waste products
  • Tackling stress
  • You will be more enduring
  • You will improve your muscle function
  • Faster and deeper warming of muscles and joints
  • Your muscle recovery becomes faster
  • Greater flexibility

Attendance at Heat Wave Class

Remember to drink plenty of water both before and after Heat Wave training and students of Heat Wave are advised not to eat for at least two hours before a class to allow their digestive system to cleanse and work freely.

Towel must be carried when participating in Heat Wave classes and one more towel for the yoga mat to prevent it from becoming slippery and for reasons of hygiene.

What is more, you have to come before the class starts because the doors  are locked up and if you are late it will not be possible to attend.

What does it cost to attend Heatwave?

Price for a new member in Fitness World would be 349 kr per month plus 299 kr. a one time entrance fee. The price for existing members is 349 kr. per month and one time heatwave class 50 kr. So, my advice would be first time to try this class one time and see if you love it. Yes? Then become a constant member and enjoy advantages of Heat Wave.

For more information visit: http://www.fitnessworld.dk/muligheder-i-fitness-world/heat-wave (in Danish)

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