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3 Tips for Dealing With Change


Change isn’t easy but there are ways that help to cope with change. Warning: you might become adventurous.

How to Recreate the Latest Summer Makeup Trends

Photo by Richard Bord/WireImage

Alert: hot make up trends for 2017!

10 Habits Of Healthy People


Healthy people know to live life to the fullest. Here’s a cheat sheet – copy them. They don’t take forever to implement and picking up these simple eating, exercise, and lifestyle good habits can change your life.

Traditional Latvian Ways To Fight Cold

Latvian Ways How To Fight Cold

Starting to get a runny nose and a funny sore throat feeling? Here are some traditional Latvian remedies to help you fight the first symptoms!

Easy Ways To Improve Your Health Right Now


Being fit and healthy may have been at the top of your resolutions for New Year’s. Here’s a list of 10 things what you can do now to be healthier with nearly no effort (nor investment).

The 6 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Water

Admit it – you’ve heard it from your mom and your grandmom – lemon water is a magical fluid that improves your digestion, rejuvenates your skin and overall, enhances your beauty. You have been familiar with information that lemon water does something good but have probably never been aware of actually that good is. After all, [...]