Hand Lotion EOS Cucumber

EOS hand lotion is designed to perfectly fit in your palm as well as purse: it’s small, handy and smelling really sweet though fresh, just like other EOS beauty products (check out lip balm and shaving cream reviews).

cucumber lotion

A softening hand cream with the shea butter seems to be doing it’s job: a couple of days, when I tried the cream for the first time, I had just came back home and had really cold, dry hands. After the usage of EOS cucumber hand lotion they instantly got softer and warmer. The sweet smell (though did not remind me a lot of cucumber yet it contains cucumber extract) stays on a skin for a long time.

Rich, though not too oily consistency of a cream gets absorbed by skin relatively quickly leaving softer, nice-smelling hands.

Contains moisturizing shea butter, oat extract, a good dose of antioxidants and vitamins C and E, which leaves the skin soft. The hand lotion is 97% natural and suitable for all skin types.

A perfect solution to treat your hands with something not too expensive yet high-quality.

For product purchase as well as additional information visit http://www.naturesource.dk/eos-m-17.html

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