ACAI Hand Cream by Rudolph Care

Danish TV star and radio host Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph knows what women need: luxurious cosmetics that takes care of their skin and shows natural beauty.

Rudolph Care is a series of exclusive beauty products that nurtures and cares for the skin, and that isn’t harmful to humans or the environment.

Having tried the luxurious Acai Hand Cream from Rudolph Care, I can conclude that it is a real treat for your hands: high-quality, it smells like soft cotton, and is rich and creamy but not oily at all. Yet, to be very honest, it was not something I would usually use, since I am used to strongly sweet-smelling hand creams. If I wanted to purchase a luxurious skincare product from Rudolph Care, I would rather invest in Rudolph Care anti-stress facial cream.

Rudolph hand cream

Yet getting back to the hand cream: the cream contains Shea butter and organic oils, providing the skin with deep-acting care. The company describes the cream as a softening luxury for your hands. Smooth consistency and texture and moisturizing by all its means.  It moisturizes and leaves skin silky smooth. The cream has a pleasant and slightly sweet smell. It is said that the smell of the products in Rudolph Care depends on the year’s harvest conditions, which creates natural variation of fragrances. The cream is very soft and tender; even a very allergic friend of mine liked it! “Smells and feels like as if soft cotton were touching my arms…”, she said.

It is being advised to use the product together with the Acai Cream Soap for the smoothest skin; the best results can be acquired faster and maintained longer.

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