Hair Trends For 2013

Feeling like changing something in your looks? Changing your hairstyle (or a haircolor) can add a lot to your looks.

There are specific hairstyles making it big in 2013, and then there are groupings of styles or themes that really make a broader impact , earning the label of hair trends for 2013. The following are a certainly must have that suits your style and needs this year.

Bob hairstyles

In 2013, bob hairstyles are making their mark. They’re sprouting up on model influencers – from Karlie Kloss to Edie Campbell and Aline Weber – appearing in chin length, fringed versions as well as longer bobs that brush the shoulders. The short hair cut of 2013, the bob is back in a versatile and modern way.

When the time is right and you need a change, there’s nothing quite as liberating as chopping off your hair into a bob. This process of renewal leaves you feeling fresh – courtesy both the change in style and the dead ends left lying on the salon floor. In 2013 the bob again surfaces as a trend – both with a fringe / bangs and without. So if you’re after a new hairstyle for 2013 and beyond, and want to brave the bob, this may just be the time.


Long hair

At the other end of the extreme when it comes to haircuts in 2013: ultra long hair. Away from the bob, this is the best way for a hair cut to make a big impact. The trend on the runways suggests a hair length that just reaches or covers the breasts, since the look hints at something a little mythological (think ancient goddesses and mermaids) – anything longer starts to cross over into medieval maiden territory and begins to lose its raw sex-appeal.

Very long hair in 2013 can be cut in two main ways: blunt, or layered. The truth is that either can work equally well. If your hair is straight and all one length, a blunt will mean you can work both a straight, sleek look and a more textured one.

If you have some shorter layers  you’ve still got the right foundations for an on-trend long hairstyle. Since a lot of runway looks use extensions to achieve the right length (meaning there will always be some shorter, natural layers showing through) and because the most on-trend styles for long hair are the ones with plenty of volume and texture, it doesn’t matter if your hair is cut with some layers.

That said, the long 2013 hair cut isn’t one you want to thin out too much – remember it’s best with volume and texture – so the most on-trend way to have it cut is with a few choppy layers, not completely layered all over.

Whether side parted, center-parted, curled or straight, it’s worth knowing a few basic textured hairstyles for long hair.

Textured side part hair

Spotted on the runway at Calvin Klein, this spring 2013 hairstyle for long hair is textured without being too grungy or too messy. You can find out how to create this textured side part hair – which is great for either day or night – by following the link to our tutorial.

Easy bed head hair

This messy bed hair is so simple to create, you can literally roll out and bed and be looking amazing in just a few minutes. Perfect as as style for long hair, though also great for mid-length hair, you can follow the easy bedhead hair how to guide at that link.

Fringe / bangs

From grungy, ‘indie’ bags to more slick interpretations; the fringe has been lingering on the hair trends list for several years running. In spring 2013 and beyond a hairstyle with fringe / bangs is still an option for those wanting a new haircut. Follow the link for more details about wearing a fringe in 2013.

There are specific hairstyles making it big in 2013, and then there are groupings of styles or themes that really make a broader impact – earning them the label of hair trends for 2013. Below you can find a round-up of those key hair trends shaping 2013. Follow the links to each for more detail.

Side part hairstyles

True, side part hairstyles are always around. The question is in which specific styles to opt for and how to create them in 2013. Follow the link to find out more about side part hair as a trend in 2013.

Wet look hair

Wet look hairstyles were huge on the runway last year, and yet they’ve maintained their presence for 2013. Key styles to try this time around are the oceanic goddess hairstyle seen on the Alberta Ferretti catwalk, and the textured wet ponytail spotted at Reed Krakoff: the ideal evolutions of gelled, wet look hair to take you into spring 2013.

Low ponytails

It’s a trend you can’t miss: ponytails that sit low to the nape of the neck. As a 2013 hair trend, the low ponytail takes on many forms: loose and messy, neat and tight, sometimes with a unique twist or two. The common theme is to keep it low. Follow the link for the types of low ponytail that are popular amongst 2013′s hairstyles.

Half tuck hairstyle

One of the simplest ways to make a hairstyle statement in 2013, the half-tucked hairstyle mixes it up just enough to keep it interesting. Add some accessories for a truly stand-out look. Follow the link for more.

1960s hairstyles

Big, bouffant, feminine and sexy: 2013 brings a number of 1960s inspired hairstyles that’ll have you reaching for your minidress and false lashes. Breaking out of the pattern for all things effortless, these styles may take a bit of backcombing and hairspray – but they’re more than worth it. Read about the trend towards 1960s hair at that link.

Hair trend: tomboy hair

For fall 2012 a range of boyish hairstyles flew onto the radar, inspired by the androgynous fashions on the runway. Our round-up of tomboy hairstyles serves equally well into 2013, so from trend reports to tutorials – follow the link to read them all.

More detailed info can be found on the following link which gives techniques and ideas that suit everyone’s need to stay in touch with present fashion news :

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