Overeating? A Guide To Proper Consumption

Fancy dishes, inviting smells and pleasant tastes on holidays followed by an extreme workout program in January in a nearby gym. Sounds familiar? It is said that an average person usually earns 1-2 kgs after Christmas. And even though Christmas has just passed, there’s a week left until one more celebration – New Years, which will also be celebrated with food and alcoholic drinks. Learn how to consume less in order to get rid of guilt and abundance of calories. 



1. Water, please!

You might have heard that a glass of water before the dish “kills” appetite. Not too far from true – if you drink a glass of water before eating it will help your stomach prepare for the food and will improve your digestion. In case you cannot/do not want to consume water, you can also consume a small bowl of light soup before the main dish.

2. Smaller plates

It is proven that we basically know how much should we consume according to the size of the plate. In order to trick yourself into eating less, ask for a smaller plate. Filling your plate completely (even though it’s a small plate) will make you think it is a larger serving than it actually is.

3. Start with light dishes

Try consuming something light as a starter: a piece of fruit or a healthy, fat-free salad, which will improve your digestion so that you would not have the “heavy” feeling after you finish your main dish. When trying out appetizers, stick to healthier options, such as healthy salads, fish and prawns.

4. Use 80/20 rule

That is probably the most realistic regime which will help you maintain weight. The rule implies two things: that you should consume healthy foods about 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time; as well as that you should be 80% full and would stop eating before filling yourself completely (and gaining extra calories).

5. More veggies and less meat

It’s usually all the little “extras” that pile up on the calories, such as grilled sausages, bacon or fat sauce. Try consuming more vegetables and less meat. When eating meat, chew longer than you would usually do so that your mouth could produce more saliva which would help you digest “big” dishes faster.

6. Remove the skin of the turkey/chicken

The skin of chicken and/or turkey is the major contributor of saturated fat and cholesterol. Do so in order to minimize the amount of far you consume. If possible, eat the breast as it is the leanest portion of poultry.

7. Enjoy alcohol moderately

Alcohol, especially liqueur and cocktails contain a lot of (unnecessary) calories. Alcohol provides little nutritional value and therefore is generally considered to be a source of “empty” calories which only promote weight gain. If you feel like consuming alcohol yet keeping your diet, stick to light beer and champagne. Keep that in mind if you do not want to gain extra fat after your winter holidays.

8. Leave leftovers

It might seem impolite and inappropriate, but feel free to leave leftovers. No one is going to punish you for the food you cannot or do not want to consume.

9. Walk it off

Don’t be a couch potato. I know, we all get lazy during Christmas and New Years and the only thing we dream of is a cozy nap and yummy food. Make a bit of effort: if you’re with your friends and/or family, suggest them to go for a walk in a neighborhood. You will definitely enjoy a nice chat while burning extra calories. If no one is up for that yet the family has a dog, walk a dog.

10. Play with the kids

If you happen to be in a family having small kids, play with them. Make a small break from talking to your family and simply go and run around with the kids. Not only will they appreciate you enjoying their company, but you will also burn quite a number of calories!
According to the Guardian, the chances of gaining weight after Christmas is high: well, keep that in mind at least for the New Year feast, Happy New Year!

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