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My mom always used to say that your nails and shoes tell people who you are. It was not until I slowly started to build up my nail polish collection, it dawned on me – my mom, after all, was right. From then on I can’t help but notice everyone’s hands, shape of their nails, and, most importantly, their nail polish. You would be surprised how much nail polish can tell about one’s personality, life style, and, in some cases, even mood.

Knowing the importance of skin care products and skin care routine, I thought I would tell you how to take a proper care of your nails, and transform them to a stylish detail, complimenting your outfit.

Firstly, it is important to take care of your hands, so hand-cream is a must. If you are too lazy, or forgetful, it helps to keep a tube on your night stand. My go-to cream at the moment is extra-moisturizing lavender one from Crabtree&Evelyne.

Secondly, cuticle care is also very important, since it not only moisturizes your skin around the nail, but helps with nail growth and strength. I like to use natural oils, simple olive oil would work wonders, but I prefer something a little lighter, than an olive oil, so Pro Nails Cuticle oil works as a treat.

Then the last step before applying nail polish, is to find a good base coat, since that not only helps your nails to grow, but it saves them from staining if you use darker or more pigmented colors. You can choose ones which promise to help your nail growth, the ridge filling one, or just the one you, or rather your nails, prefer the most. My suggestion would be SPA rituals lacquer lock, which helps your nail polish to stay in place during a busy day.

And now you are ready to paint a nail color onto your nails. Which color and which nail polish brand you choose, it is completely up to you, you can choose it according the occasion, mood or to accentuate one or another detail in your outfit. And then you should remember to seal your nail polish with a top coat, there you can choose to use a regular one, which adds shine and protects polish from chipping, or you could use the effect ones, such as Zoya Fleck effects or Essie Lux effects, if you are out to a party.

If you need a nail polish which would help you to nail a job interview, you might want to consider a matte effect, e.g. one from Gosh, which helps you to create sophisticated, but not shiny in your face kind of look.

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