Friday’s Must-Have: White and Gold

You can’t beat an edgy white and gold for a striking combination! Besides, the shirt is soft, comfortable, fashionable and easy-to-wear. Something that you could wear with jeans or with a little black skirt. Something that you could also wear at a nightclub, if you decide to go to one tonight. A white top from ESPRIT is simple, cute and lovable (oh well, Danish fashion is just like that…) and will make you feel comfortable for sure. So what’s the choice for tonight – girls night out?



Elena Dimitrova

Stylist and Fashion Journalist

Fashion enthusiast and music lover. Keen on all classics - from Chanel to the Milan scala. Fameiva's fashion journalist since 2013. Loving it. Ambitious and laconic, adventurous and with a huge sense of humour. Adoring Karl Lagerfeld and Louis Vuitton.

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