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Hit the Heat Wave

A new concept is introduced to sport lovers: Fitness World offering Heat Wave! Find out more and lure yourself into warm yoga/pilates lessons!

Fitness Journey With Personal Trainer Kristin Julia Hannesdottir

An interview with a personal trainer in Aarhus: an Icelandic sport enthusiast, who also likes… sweets! (and she is sharing one healthy recipe, here, too…)

Never Rode a Bike?

ride bikes

In Denmark, when partying, you will never hear a “let’s go get my car” phrase when flirting. The pick-up phrase here is “let’s go get my bike”.

How To Motivate Yourself to Exercise?


People say that sport can reduce stress and improve your sex life…

New Ideas For Autumn Fitness

As the temperature drops and days get shorter, there are fewer activities left outdoors. But, on the other hand, many classes at the gyms and elsewhere get started exactly in fall. So, look around and see if something intrigues you. Fall is the perfect time to gain new physical skills as you burn fewer calories [...]


The use of meditation: did you know it can bring psychological and physiological benefits?