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Creative Space In The Heart of Aarhus: LYNfabrikken

Currently, the creative space in the heart of Aarhus is flourishing better than ever. “We believe in inspiration”, says Jeppe Vedel while showing me around – and I realize the reason of why this creative space has become so popular both amongst Danes and internationals.

Dance Yourself Into Shape

Are you among those girls who are bored when lifting weights in a sweaty gym, but still dream about perfect body? Then do it in a fun way and try zumba and …surprise! Result – up to 600 burned calories in a one-hour class.

Movie Night


Cinemaxx cinema in Aarhus – a great place to explore the best movie experiences. It’s Denmark’s 2nd largest cinema, the really comfortable and new movie halls, delicious nachos and sweets. If you just arrived in Aarhus, it’s good to know that you can make your own candy bags on the spot, it’s quite fun!

Book review: Fifty Shades of Grey by Erika Leonard James


Red room of pain. The place where he wants her neither look up at his eyes, nor talk to him, nor touch him – only listen to his orders, just to have a powerless woman for his pleasure. This is how a young journalist, Anastasia Steele, was presented with a contract of being a submissive by a billionaire, who has never got ‘no’ for an answer, Christian Grey.

Have You Ever Wondered If a Picture Could Be Real?

Ruben Belloso - eyes

Rubén Belloso Adorna could be easily called a genius of a 21 century. A young artist, full of energy and able to shock. An artist, who is able to bring the most secret emotions to the very surface of his paintings that would convince digital artists to give up. Rubén, without a doubt, knows what he is doing – and he’s doing it right.

Wandering in Aarhus: Café, Restaurant and scene Gyngen

Archive picture by Gyngen

Ecological ingredients. Cozy atmosphere and friendly, customer-oriented and service-minded staff. Jazz, rock and salsa concerts during evenings: welcome to Café, Restaurant and scene Gyngen – a cozy place which has become the second destination we are heading to in order to discover interesting and worth-visiting places in Aarhus.