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Aspired By Real Women

Coco Chanel Moore

5 year old posing as influential women: when creative mom gets REALLY creative during her daughter’s birthday.

Kulturnatten – A Night of Culture & Entertainment


Copenhagen bustling with life, entertainment and various experiences. Culture at your very fingertips – that’s how it could shortly be explained.

Images Festival in Denmark


Images Festival in Denmark: are art and creativity standing at the root of development?

Refined Beauty & Elegance In The Oneiric Art Of Ulrika Kestere

Ulrika Kestere, 7 horses, image via Ulrika Kestere,

A Swedish photographer and illustrator Ulrika Kestere knows how to amaze: drawing inspiration from the world of fairy tales and myths she brings folklore into the modern world.

Greta Tuckute Photography


Greta Tuckute, 18, has lived in Denmark for 16 years. A young and promising photographer has already received several awards for creative photography work. “Photography is my greatest passion and indeed one of my major pleasures as well”, says the artist.

East Gate Europe 2013

East Gate

Have you got any plans for the weekend ? Why don’t you go to an international festival for dance and performance theatre, where talented artists from European countries present the final result of a two year art project called DNA ( Development of New Art)?