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How to “Better Up” Life in 2 Months?

Credits: Skydive Carolina

Only 2 months to improve your health and mental state for better & happier life. You say impossible, I say “let’s start asap”.

Can Getting Rid of Things Lead to Happiness? Science Says Yes

Laughing Man

There’s lots of stuff we don’t need that we surround ourselves with. Can getting rid of things, including your money, lead to happiness? Science says it can.

How to Die Happy?

grand adventure

These three things are the secret to staying happy all the time throughout your life.

Women’s Day Special: 10 Inspiring Quotes On Womanhood

Inspiring Women

Not just a celebration, the day has also come to be increasingly associated with feminism and equal rights for women. To celebrate womanhood, women’s changing role and equal rights, here are a few quotes from the world’s most known, strong, independent and inspiring women:

How to Create Scandinavian Hygge at Home


Longing for some coziness to make your home more calm and, well.. cozy? Learn from Scandinavians – here’s a list on how to implement some HYGGE!

5 Ways To Beat Your Monday Blues

Woman stretching in bed after wake up

Here are a few simple things you can do to help start the week off right, so Monday’s don’t have to be that one disastrous date you so passionately dislike.