Category: Snacks

Chopped Salad

5 minute dish: doesn’t require much of effort but turns out mega yummy.

Chai Tea: How To Perfect It?

Make your own yummy Chai tea: Starbucks and crazy ingredients are not needed.

Eggplant Bites

Eggplant bites

A dish which is easy in preparation and multidimensional in taste. Probably the best choice for lazy (and starving) chefs.

One-Bite Snack

mini pizza cakes

Perfect to tease a boyfriend or treat a friend who is coming for a visit!

Beet & Cheese Salad

Photo courtesy of Linda Bordoo

Beet-root salad: a perfect lunch for the ones who are trying to get fitter before summer and a great snack for the ones who are happy with themselves. All in all, an easy yet tasty dish!

Pizza Snacks

pizza snack

Craving for something cheap, tasty and simple? I found an old bun in the fridge and changed it into a tasty pizza snack. Try it out!