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Cinnamon Rolls


Healthy food is always a good option, however, what to do when you are craving for something sweet? Cinamon rolls – a perfect option for a sinful “sweet” minute.

Swedish Carrot Cake

Swedish Carrot Cake

If you would like a treat for a your Saturday, we have a plan: this easy-to-make Swedish carrot cake will surely freshen you up.

Coconut Cookies

coconut cookies

Coconut cookies are extremely easy to make and really tasty – a perfect choice for a lazy evening where you do not want to cook too much, though feel like spoiling yourself.

Butternut Squash & Coconut Curry

The next time you’ve got a big squash sitting on your counter staring you in the face, go ahead and cook up this curry. Serve it over brown basmati rice along with sautĂ©ed greens or cabbage and you’ve got a complete and healthy meal.

Fluffy Vanilla Pancakes

Fluffy vanilla pancakes

This is a perfect recipe for breakfast, as the batter is quick to make and the pancakes themselves are really delicious! And, generally thinking, what could be better than a sweet and smooth texture – and a lovely taste in a grey and cold morning? This is what you will need for the batter: Ingredients: [...]

Danish Dream Cake


If you have spent some time in Denmark, you have most likely have already tried Danish Drømmekage (eng. Dream cake). A sweet and slightly bit spongy coconut taste dessert.

The history of the Danish Dream cake brings us back to sixties where, according to Danes and all sources, the cake has become very popular. No surprise the cake is called “a dream cake”. If you are feeling like making one for yourself – here’s an easy recipe to treat yourself and your beloved ones.