Category: Main course

Spiced Sweet Corn-Curry Soup (vegan)


Simple, yummy, fulfilling, vegan. A great choice for the lazy Monday.

Cold Avocado-Pea Cream Soup

Avocado pea soup

Rich and creamy soup can be served as starter in small portion or main course in bigger, as it is super filling.

Arizona Soup With Homemade Tortilla Chips & Avocado

Arizona soup

A little spicy treat: yummy, rich and creamy vegetable soup.

Beetroot Soup

Beet soup

Warm and refreshing. A traditional Russian soup, which is not only yummy, but also healthy.

Pumpkin Soup

Warm, thick, extremely tasty and low-calorie soup. Perfect if you want a simple appetizer or a low-calorie meal.

Pearl Barley Dish

Pearl barley

Pearl barley is famous for its dietary values, as it has a lot of fibers, vitamins and antioxidants – for only 320 calories per 100 gr. The dish combines in itself many health beneficial nutrients that are suitable both for those who tend a diet and those who lead healthy lifestyle.