Category: Desserts

Vegan Baklava


Sweet, fulfilling, delicious vegan baklava without honey or complicated preparation.

Vegan Honey Cake


Have you ever tasted Medovik? Some people say that you have not lived until you have tasted it. Traditional Russian honey cake Medovik in vegan version will definitely wow your crowd: either on a regular day or on a special occasion.

Kräsupea – An Estonian Cake That Everybody Loves


Looking for an easy, fulfilling birthday cake? Or just a cake to spoil yourself? We’ve got you covered!

Sunday Treats: Chocolate Cake

a piece of vegan cake

The softest, most chocolate-y most likely the tastiest cake you have ever eaten – I swear!

White chocolate and rhubarb cake

White chocolate cake

Very yummy and not too hard. A tasty white chocolate and sour rhubarb combination at its best.

Homemade Ice-Cream

Creamy in texture and sweet & fruity in taste – a lovely homemade treat that you deserve.