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Danish Christmas Dish: Caramelized Potatoes

Traditional Danish Christmas dish: caramelized potatoes. Extremely tasty and extremely easy-to-make.

Vegetable Tart With Broccoli

Vegetable tart

Learn the secrets from the Danish kitchen: one of the traditional Danish dishes, grøntsagstærte with healthy broccoli.

Healthy, fulfiling, easy-to-make (even my international friends with 0 cooking skills were able to make it!) and cheap. Enjoy!

Danish Dream Cake


If you have spent some time in Denmark, you have most likely have already tried Danish Drømmekage (eng. Dream cake). A sweet and slightly bit spongy coconut taste dessert.

The history of the Danish Dream cake brings us back to sixties where, according to Danes and all sources, the cake has become very popular. No surprise the cake is called “a dream cake”. If you are feeling like making one for yourself – here’s an easy recipe to treat yourself and your beloved ones.