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Warm Summer Salad


When you don’t know how to treat your vegan friend and it seems nothing is good enough: here’s a simple vegan salad recipe that won’t take more than 15 min to prep.

3 Healthy Hummus Recipes

With just a few tricks and a few (secret) ingredients you really can make creamy, smooth and HEALTHY hummus at home. Bring your blender & let’s get started!

Thai-Inspired Salad With Peanut Butter Sauce

salad with peanut butter

Here’s some rich, yummy Thai-Inspired meal to make your taste buds happy! Very easy to make, cheap and super rich in vitamins.

6 Inspiring Lunchbox Meals

6 inspiring vegan lunchbox ideas

Looking for some easy recipes to help you prep your lunchbox? Here are our 5 favorite winter meals that will make your tummy happy. Keep your healthy eating regime on the right track!

Vegan Baklava


Sweet, fulfilling, delicious vegan baklava without honey or complicated preparation.

Chopped Salad

5 minute dish: doesn’t require much of effort but turns out mega yummy.