Fluffy Vanilla Pancakes

This is a perfect recipe for breakfast, as the batter is quick to make and the pancakes themselves are really delicious! And, generally thinking, what could be better than a sweet and smooth texture – and a lovely taste in a grey and cold morning? This is what you will need for the batter:


100 ml low fat cream (approximately 18%)

200 ml milk

3 eggs

50 gr sugar

seeds from 1/3 of vanilla straw

150 gr of flour


Beat the eggs into a bowl, mix them carefully.  Then add sugar, milk and cream and stir the mixture, until even. Sieve the flour into the mixture and add the seeds from the vanilla straw before mixing it all together. The batter should not be too thick; the consistency should be of a heavy cream, maybe a bit thicker. If it is too thin, you can add some more flour, otherwise, add some more milk. Now you have the batter to make some delicious pancakes!

Lea Rozena

Food Journalist

Having two major passions in life, healthy products and Japan – I am happy to share my experiences with you putting the two in one: cooking Japanese style. For me, it is very important that a product has natural flavour and colour, no preservatives or excessive amount of fat. I always prefer to make my food from scratch- making my own dough, batter, filling or cake decoration. And Japan… Japan is the land of my dreams, where a fairy tale becomes reality. The combination of traditions and highly modern metropolitan life encourages you to explore it more and more. Japanese cuisine is rich with fish, vegetables and rice, making it one of the healthiest. Therefore, I will introduce to you some of the most basic Japanese recipes, along with the ones I have adjusted to European lifestyle. Happy reading and happy cooking!

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