Book review: Fifty Shades of Grey by Erika Leonard James

Red room of pain. The place where he wants her neither look up at his eyes, nor talk to him, nor touch him – only listen to his orders, just to have a powerless woman for his pleasure. This is how a young journalist, Anastasia Steele, was presented with a contract of being a submissive by a billionaire, who has never got ‘no’ for an answer,  Christian Grey.


The big hit of 2012 was and still is the erotic novel Fifty shades of Grey, the new trilogy – probably a good replacement for a vampire romance Twilight, the difference is that this time there are no vampires or fantastic creatures involved. The book has been widely discussed and been called just a novel for desperate housewives staying at home and missing a wild sex life. However, it seems that the book turns million of women on, makes them think “Is this something I could do? Is this something I would like to try out myself? Would I like to experiment this much in bedroom? Is this how I would like to spice up my life in the bedroom and heat up the sexual tension?”

There is more than just extensive descriptions on intimate time Christian and Anastasia are having. There more of the story than just erotic novel spiced up with details. Actually, all the challenging sexual needs Christian is having is not a sign of being sick but signs of a troubled childhood that damaged him for life. Christian has seen poverty, starvation and violence. Having no loving family until being adopted makes it hard for him to trust and believe good in people. Only Anastasia Steele is able to discover those dark shades of the man she is in love with, either she tries to change him or accept him the way he is and learn to live with it.

The very first time I was recommended to read the book I was very skeptical and honestly thought it is just a book about crazy sex life of a billionaire and a young inexperienced girl. But it is well written in a way that it presents you with the dirty straight forward details of the sex scenes happening but in the same time it turns you on in a way the main characters are craving for each other and the connection they have. Fifty shades of Darker, the love and madness continues combined with Christian’s jealousy and interesting insights of his childhood and how it affects his present. There is no happily ever after in this book at least not until they face with more challenges in the last book of this trilogy Fifty shades of Freed.

Again, there is more of a story in this erotic novel and either you love or you hate it and figure out it is not for you. However, it does look like it is a fresh piece in this world where it seems we have read and seen it all, it proves we are wrong.

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