Get Your Feet Ready For Summer

With the summer comes the season of open shoes. Therefore pedicure and feet care is now probably one of the most popular topics among women.  

You have probably taken out your favorite slingbacks or got a new pair of great flipflops – and now it’s time to make sure that your feet skin and toes are taken care of.

A rule of colouring toes and finger nails the same colour has been broken for many years in a row: if you want to express your personality, feel free to choose different colours and decorations. However, if you adore official style, it could be a good idea to colour your finger nails and toes the same stable, solid colour.

Budget manicure and pedicure

If you want to take care of your skin and toes but have a very limited budget, make sure you have a good nailpolish and it would be all you need. After taking shower scrub your feet (if you don’t have a special scrub, simply make one out of simple ingredients, such as coffee leftovers or sugar and honey) and apply a small amount of moisturizer after you are done with peeling. Let your skin absorb the moisturizer and then take care of your nails. Form them using small scissors and nail file. Don’t be afraid to file the top of your nails and toes, if you do so, nailpolish will hold longer. After you file your nails apply a small amount of oil (it would best if you did so using avocado, coconut or olive oil). Let your nails enjoy a small treatment for about 20 minutes and then wipe it off until dry. Apply nailpolish and enjoy your spring-summer pedicure!

Skin treatment

First of all, a golden rule of a great, elastic skin is drinking as much water as possible. Second – applying as much (and as often) moisturizer as possible. Don’t forget it. Pamper your skin with rich moisturizers and massage the skin of your hand and feet until the moisturizer is absorbed. When having a free hour, prepare a home-made scrub to peel the dead skin off and stimulate your blood circulation. Don’t spend too much money on products if you can prepare them yourself: you know, you can prepare a home-made scrub out of natural oil and sugar or sugar and honey. You will not only peel the dead skin off, but will also moisturize it. And, most of all, your hand and feet will smell delicious!

It could also be a good idea to purchase a simple feet deo with mint and chamomile for summer season, which would keep your feet refreshed.

Gel nails

If you can call yourself lazy due to a number of various reasons, such as lack of time or lack of energy, it could be a good idea to get gel nails. When having a gel pedicure one can enjoy it until the hair grows longer. You can literally do everything without worrying that your nailpolish will go off. And, most importantly, if the style of pedicure starts irritating you, you can just apply a regular nailpolish on top! Once you clean it off, you will still have a perfect gel manicure and pedicure underneath. A perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a long-lasting pedicure.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget that perfect, good-looking feet complete your summer image.

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