Category: Fantasies

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

She kept thinking about him even when she was not with him. She missed him and she could feel it.

Being Together

ketchup mustard and a couple in love

Have you ever heard a saying that people, who are in love, only need air and their love. That was a saying about them.

Painting Him

On a hazy Thursday evening, while she was simply looking over her previous paintings, she realized that she has never painted him. Not even gave it a try. But she has always wanted to, yet somehow never dared to. Yet this time something was different…

Love Letters Only.

“Those pretty wrongs that liberty commits, When I am sometime absent from thy heart…” she would catch herself mumbling Shakespeare’s sonnets from time to time. Yet most of all, she enjoyed when someone would write her…

Kiss Me When You Come Home

“Kiss me when you come home…”, whispered she to herself thinking about him. He’s home soon. In about 17 minutes.

At Times, She Would Hate Valentines

Muffin set

The first time she brought muffins to him was when they were still dating. Chocolaty, round and soft – and the sweet muffin lure had even ended with a sweeter kiss. She even remembers the taste. His lips were full and soft, and so tempting. He was slightly blushing and so was she, while she kept repeating “kiss me, kiss me!” in her mind. And it happened. Must be the witchcraft of muffins. Since then he calls her “my muffin.”