How To Use Euro Pallets?

Euro pallets are probably the most recyclable (naturally used in storing various stuff) things which have extremely wide range of possibilities how to improve your room or home. I believe that most of you have seen Euro pallets thrown away near supermarket’s warehouse as majority of people don’t know that they are re-usable. If you can get a couple of them for your home (simply by asking at the store or picking them up) – you could organize Euro pallets and turn them into funky-looking furniture. Well, anyway these who really want to use them at home will definitely find a way to get Euro pallets.

Euro palets

So, if you have enough fantasy, you would probably think of using them in a creative way, literally everywhere. Perhaps the most popular way to use them would be a table or a basis under the mattress (even at my home the mattress is put on the pallets). Well, other ways to use them could be as follows: shelves, stands for the plants, lamp holders, wardrobe, decoration of the walls of any room, even bed edgings and dog beds!

grey flat

Bedroom improvements:


White carpet

The hook

Create your own shelf!

Green slef

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