Enter a Dual Reality, White Surf from DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN

Take a journey with us to a parallel universe where the ornamental past bonds with the immaculate present. Inside ancient palaces with elaborate, in­tricately carved ceilings. Step outside into a serene beach awash with white surf and sand. It’s all part of this season’s exotic approach to getaway glam, where the red thread is white.

Malene Birger models

You don’t need to book a ticket. Or a hotel. You just need an adventurous mindset to embrace luxurious laid back styles inspired by the two themes – “Orientalism” and “White Surf”. Reflecting the vision of DAY’s founder, Keld Mikkelsen, to blend ethnic craftsmanship with a modern take on classics in a unique expression of everyday couture.

“Orientalism” echoes the interiors of old palaces from India and Mo­rocco in swirly patterns on a sultry beaded dress. Sequins appear as slinky arches on tunics. As gorgeous graphics on cardigans. And like stars sprinkled on a drapey evening dress. Watch for semi-transparent separates. Elongated silhouettes. Wrapped skirts. 3Dcut-out patterns. Atrace of lace. And leather in a nude coloured t-shirt. In contrast is a classic, crisp look in men’s tailoring with a femme factor, deep in the designer’s dna. Seen in tuxedo jackets and waist­coats, soft structured shirts and floaty trousers.

Patterns expand the story where ethnic prints are modernised and mixed. Featuring architectural arches, a liquidy moiré print, a fresh angle on paisley, as well as bold, graphite brush strokes.

Escape to a far away feeling of a breezy beach with miles of white sand stretching out into eternity. A place called “White Surf”. Wearing a beach dress with embroidered accents. Surf wear inspired separates, such as a wet suit-like jersey with lace. Fluid suitings and a sarong approach to trousers and skirts. Go from daywear to a dressed up look in sequined t-shirts worn with sexy, white cropped jeans. A metallic draped asymmetrical ensemble. Or a bustier dress with interwoven Indian embroidery contemporised.

White is the essence of airy tranquillity where both themes converge together. Look for a range of chalky whites and pale, sun-bleached pastels in contrast to slate greys and black. A splash of sunburnt yellow and pink as pip­ing for a sporty beachwear effect.

DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN invites you to travel in your mind to two adjacent worlds. An ancient ornamental temple and a dreamy seascape just outside. Expressed in a stunning collection merging exquisite, ethnic orna­mentation with a breezy approach to understated elegance.

Bon voyage!

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