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During the spring time I was doing juicing detoxes, fresh smoothie breakfasts and dreaming of holidays. You know, all the “getting ready for summer” stuff. Everyone is getting out from the deep winter mode, after spending many months in layers of clothing and limited days of sunshine. So, after all this dreaming and crazy “lets’s get ready for the summer” period, it was holiday time.
Not long ago, I was lucky to travel to Caribbeans: sun, crystal clear water and the feeling “I could stay here forever”. There is something special about the colors of nature, culture and the mentality of Caribbeans. They might not be the richest people on the planet, but they have the color of life and that you can see and feel walking the streets and meeting people. But this time it’s all about coconuts palm trees! As I live in the country, where cold weather rules the year, palm trees make me smile. Have you tried fresh coconut water on the beach (In Jamaica theyalso  add some rum). It is amazing and refreshing drink from the nut with many secrets… I was amazed to get to know a little more about coconut and enjoy fresh juices myself, therefore, for today let me present you: coconut.
This weirdly looking, over-sized nut is a must, when lying on the beach or by the pool in order to keep you healthy. And do not worry if you happen to spend your holidays somewhere more north, because coconut is available and ready to use in your local grocery and health store. When I say coconut, I do not mean coconut cake or shredded coconut meat covered in chocolate. I’m talking more about coconut water, coconut oil and fresh/dried coconut meat.
Coconut water is super refreshing drink packed with lots of nutrients. Bio-active enzymes will help with your metabolism. Contains calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, B6 and C vitamins. Potassium will help to replenish our bodies and keeps us stay hydrated. Coconut meat makes great ingredient for healthy and raw desserts.  High in fiber, that will keep your digestive system running better than ever. Thought healthy, you still have to watch out, because it’s high on calories. In my opinion, the greatest product out of coconut is coconut oil. It’s universal. You can use it for cooking and as moisturizer for your body and hair. Just make sure you get it organic, as this cleaner version has amazing aroma and rich flavor. Many people love it, but I might advise to make sure, that you like the taste of coconut if you use it for cooking, as I found my chicken inedible after preparing it in coconut oil.
lots of coconuts
Holidays or not, health and fresh food should be part of our everyday life. I admit, that also holidays and epic beaches should be part of our daily life, but that’s just my opinion. :)
Enjoy the summer and stay healthy!

Linda Boordo

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