Eggplant Bites

My Sundays tend to be the laziest from the whole week. On Sundays, I tend to sleep longer and I do not want to get involved in any kind of home-related activities, such as cleaning, laundry or cooking. Yet in order to avoid the growling of my belly that sounds more or less like a wild dog has just met a first human being in its life, I usually prepare easy (in terms of preparation) yet multidimensional (in terms of taste) eggplant bites, which can become a great snack for a weekday and can substitute a meal for a lazy Sunday.

Eggplant bites


- 1 eggplant

- White bread

- 2-3 tomatoes

- Mayonnaise (without any specific additional taste, preferably)

- 2-3 garlic cloves

- Grated cheese

- Olive oil

- Salt, pepper and basil


Wash eggplant and cut it into thin slices. Dip it into olive oil and cook in an oven for about 10 minutes (200°C). Meanwhile, cut tomato in slices and prepare the mayo sauce taking about 2 full spoons of mayo and grating garlic cloves in it. Mix well. When eggplant is ready, coat it into mayo sauce and bake it for another 7-10 minutes (same temperature). When done, prepare the whole snack on a long baking tray: put all the bread slices, then eggplant, tomato on top and some grated cheese. Season with salt, pepper and basil (you can use both fresh and dry basil). Cook for 7 minutes (same temperature) and garnish with fresh spring onions or parsley. Enjoy your lazy Sundays!..

Big thanks to Mrs Dalia for an inspiration!

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