Simple Easter Snacks

It’s all about eggs this time. I do love traditions and celebrations, but the time between living with parents and having my own children I’ll be having egg painting free. Hard-boiled egg with salt and mayonnaise is just not happening in my house, even if it means, I’ll be lying all year. (Latvian proverb says that if you eat eggs with no salt, you will be lying all year). So, here you go – some easy and quick recipes to make your Easter a little more colorful and tasty.

Filled eggs

Boil your eggs for at least 11 min. Cool, peel, cut in half and remove yolk. Now you can go crazy with fillings: hummus, guacamole, tzatziki, pico de gallo, tuna salad, fresh or smoked salmon, shrimps, pesto and even some nice roll of Serano ham. Let your imagination or fridge content take over.
egg snacks


Dressed up Bullseye

Cut bell pepper in rings. Heat up non-stick pan, put the rings on pan, crack the egg inside and season after taste.  My bullseye got some dried parsley and chili sauce.
paprica egg


Dessert egg

This egg is not so rich on protein, but will taste good!  Melt dark chocolate in water bath and dip some fresh strawberries in. Place on baking paper and let them cool in fridge.

I hope that you will find your Easter egg between these recipes.

strawberry snack


Happy Easter!!!

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