How To Bring Some Colours To Easter Holidays

Regardless the gloomy weather outside and snow, which is still covering the ground, Easter is viewed as a day when Spring officially begins. And it is important to make it more cheerful and colourful regardless of the weather!

I bet the first and the most important Easter activity, which itself can be associated with Easter according to many, would be egg colouring. Simply because Easter celebration cannot happen funky coloured eggs. There are many ways to give eggs some colour. I personally prefer the natural options. The natural, dark brown colouring of the eggs can be achieved by boiling them together with onion shells. When I was little, we would cut some leaves from the house plants, stuck them on moistened eggs and bound the eggs in cheesecloth, before boiling.

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Yet probably the easiest option would be colouring eggs with onion shells. You simply have to put as many as possible shells into the pot and boil eggs in it. You could also put some thread all over the egg before boiling it. After eggs have boiled, take the thread out and you will see a nice white line on an egg, though the whole egg will have become brown.[email protected]/

Serve the eggs in weaved basket with some thin tree branches and flowers to make it more festive. You could also replace branches with some hay.

The most natural way to decorate your Easter table would be some yellow daffodils in a vase. In Danish daffodils are “påskeliljer” which from a direct translation would mean “Easter lilies”.

If you wish to decorate your Easter table to create cozy atmosphere, simply find a larger vase or a bowl, place the small vase in the middle and fill the gap with small plastic eggs which you can find in any craft store or your local supermarket. You can easily replace flowers with candles, if you wish to have more sophisticated atmosphere.


In case when flowers are difficult to find in this wintery weather, use some thin and firm branches. Put them in a vase, cut out butterflies and flowers from coloured paper, and hitch on the single branches. As a result you will have a colourful decoration welcoming Spring into your house.

It could be a good idea to purchase (or simply fold) nicely looking serviettes, which could be put on an Easter table or plates. It would simply show that the lunch/dinner is a little more special than every day.

And don’t forget to bake some cookies in Easter shapes and cover them with some bright glaze. If you are lazy, the best option would be to purchase relatively cheap chocolate eggs.

Happy Easter!

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