East Gate Europe 2013

Have you got any plans for the weekend? Why don’t you go to an international festival for dance and performance theatre, where talented artists from European countries present the final result of a two year art project called DNA (Development of New Art)?

East Gate

DNA is visiting Aarhus with a festival called East Gate Europe 2013, which has started Thursday April 18th in Bora Bora, a Production House for Dance and Visual Theatre in the center of Aarhus (very close to Musikhuset).

DNA was initiated in Czech Republic and  is a project of the 8 European cultural NGOs: NOVA SIT (Czech Republic), BORA BORA (Denmark), Schloss Bröllin (Germany), L1 Association (Hungary), Fish Eye Artistic Association (Lithuania), Chorea Theatre Association (Poland), A4 (Slovakia) and Glej Theatre (Slovenia).

The project supports artists who present innovative approach to the theatre and focus on motion and non-verbal visual expression. Thus the performances of DNA artist take the form in Dance, Physical theatre, Visual Art, New Media, Street Art and New Theatre Art.

During this weekend we will have the opportunity to see a stunning ballet dance: a story of a man’s inner dessert in the world of mass information and globalization represented through a combination of the diverse form of dance opera, contemporary dance, installation and video projections.

The festival consists of six performances, each of them can be found of the festival’s program at http://bora-bora.dk/forestilling/eastgate/

The tickets for the event cost:

140 kr – standard

80 kr – for students and people under 25

 Enjoy the weekend!

Anna Rodziewicz

Culture Journalist

I am a free-lance journalist, passionate about culture and traveling. I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. I never stop being amazed by people’s creativity, and by how interesting their life stories are. I started my adventure with journalism, when I was working for a film-festival few years ago. It was my second time there and I was asked to write some notes about the event. I absolutely loved collecting stories, funny anecdotes and impressions, so I have been doing that ever since.

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