How To Dress For A Job Interview?

The first impression you make for your future employer is vital. You want to look goal-reaching, skillful and polite person, who knows how to dress up for a certain occasion. You want to look like you are intelligent and able to understand the situation and certain occasion. In Lithuanian language, we have a very good saying – “sutinka pagal rūbą, išlydi pagal protą”, which means that a person meets you and judges you by your looks first, and only by your mind afterwards. So be prepared to be judged by your looks by a potential employer![email protected]/

Proper looks

Regardless of the work environment, it is important to dress professionally for a job interview. Keep that in mind. You might be asking yourself, “what is the appropriate dress code?”. Well, to be honest, it highly depends what position you have applied for. If you are a creative designer, your future employer most likely will look for some kind of reflection of your creativity in your outfit. Yet if you want to be a financial assistant, make sure you purchase a classy yet stylish suit before the important job interview.

Even though majority of employers in Denmark prefer casual style over classical, still, it would be better to choose classical instead. You should always prefer humble and classical instead of indigested outfit.

The perfect outfit for a woman, who is to have a job interview in Denmark, is an outfit that could be described as “business casual”. Choose classical colors (black, brown, grey, navy) for your jacket and trousers/skirt and match them with classical shoes, which would preferably be closed-toe pumps. Choose a blouse that is comfortable (because you will probably gesticulate) and that cover your chest completely.

What to choose?

You might be thinking that a lot of clothes would fall under “classical” category and therefore it would be a good idea to wear anything that is, or at least reminds of a classical style. Well, unfortunately, outfit for a classical job-interview is pretty strict. You should not wear bright clothes (no red, blue, green, pink, light blue, yellow or even white!) as well as strange or loose shapes.

Remember that it is the most important to make sure that your clothes are washed and clean, not wrinkled and that there are no holes in it. It is worse to have a high-class outfit which is dirty or with holes (such clothing obliges you to look flawless) rather than looking too plain and simple. Women’s job interview attire is:

- Suit,

- Classical blouse,

- Classical trousers or mid-length skirt,

- Conservative shoes,

- Limited, classy jewelry,

- Professional hairstyle,

- Neutral make-up and perfume,

- Manicured nails in neutral colors.

If you are applying for a more creative position where your outfit should reflect your personality, make sure you do so. In such cases, let your creativity come out, but remember to wear a little more conservative clothes that would still cover most of your body, i.e. no decolté, no short skirts and no sleeveless shirts, preferably!

Yet remember: your outfit has to complement your skills, so make sure you do your research about the company, their culture and style so that you could match your outfit with it as well as the position you are applying for. Good luck!

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