DIY: Summer Moisturizers

In summer I usually tend to save up on cosmetics. During heat (or rain…) I do not like to puts lots of make up (a bit of lipstick is fine enough) but one thing I totally love and need is a good facial mask or moisturizer.

Women tend to believe that facial cream or a moisturizer is an expensive buy which also needs to be tested before hand, as no one would want to buy a relatively expensive product and figure out that your skin does not even like it. In addition to this, a woman generally needs at least 2 facial creams – one for winter (a rich, thick version) and a lighter facial cream for summer. Since I do not like spending too much money for that, in summer I usually make a summer moisturizer myself. It is so easy, so yummy and so cheap – and I promise – your skin will love it.

For rich, oily skin

Take about 200gr wild strawberries (if you don’t have those, simple strawberries will be fine) mix it with 1 cup of sugar, put it in a pot and stir until it heats up. Take 2 full spoons of lanolin and 1 spoon of olive oil, mix them both in a cup. Add the “strawberry jam” and mix all together. Apply on skin.

For mature skin

Take 2 full spoons of lanolin, mix it with 2 spoons of almond oil and 1 spoon of apricot oil. Add fresh lemon juice, mix well.

For dry skin

Grate a full, riped cucumber. Melt 15gr of beeswax, mix it with the cucumber and add 50 gr of almond oil. Warm up the facial mask on a small heat for about half an hour and let it cool down afterwards.

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