DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are probably the most pleasant action before Christmas; when the most beautiful celebrations of a year are coming ahead. I believe that there‘re people who decorate their houses not only with decorations which they have bought, but also create something original and festive! I have already began thinking about how to decorate my home and therefore I‘ll share some creative ideas with you. Let’s get ready? ;) 

To make this small “Christmas tree“ the only thing you have to work for is getting a huge cone (I took it home one summer from Croatia), white paint and any festive strips of any color and appearance were necessary. I sprinkled the edges of the cone with “snow“ using white paint and later on just decorated with a “garland“. It‘s very simple yet beautiful!


Some more ideas on how to use cones so that it would make a festive decoration.


dazzling cones

It’s not obligatory to buy a Christmas tree and it doesn’t need to necessarily be green! Do a Christmas tree yourself and use it instead of a real one or simply as a decoration on a table or anywhere else.



paper trees

christmas trees out of paper

Some more small present and Advent calendar ideas that you could use and surprise your beloved ones for at least a couple of days in a row before Christmas.

Advent ideas

Mini santas

One of the easiest-to-accomplish ideas: advent calendar made out of… toilet paper!

toilet paper roll

With you to have pleasant holidays which would be full, rich and entertaining. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, ladies!

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