How to Die Happy?

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The top five regrets of the dying are quite simple – they wish they had the courage, didn’t work so hard, had the guts to express their feelings and had felt happier throughout their lives. So I’d say the question could be rephrased from “will you die happy” to “will you live a happy life.” And while all of us have different measures and criteria to what a happy life means to us, here are three things that anyone can apply, under any circumstances:

1.    Improve Yourself & Don’t Postpone

Might sound slightly dull, but we, humans, usually stop evolving once we stop learning. Our whole life, generally speaking, is one big learning project. If you stay hungry for new knowledge that brings you joy – you’ll “work yourself happy”. Passionate about sewing? Try sewing courses. Wannabe artist? Get some pencils and start sketching now.

Don’t postpone your hunger and curiosity. Remember how excited you were when you were a kid? Bring that feeling back. Use the time that you have to discover and re-discover who you are, what do you like and where do your talents lie.

2.    Use Your Chances

Life is all about circumstances and situations, but these conditions and situations don’t happen on their own if you spend your time sitting on a couch eating chips and watching telly. Get out more often, meet new people and be open. Don’t overthink and over-analyze.

3.    Be More Adventurous

Have you seen a “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey? If no, worth giving it a try. Long story short – a miserable man lived a miserable life until he started saying “yes” to anything he was scared about and his life started changing and bringing opportunities.

Same goes with our lives – human brain is not programmed to make us take risks, change our lifestyles and challenge us constantly. Our brain is designed to STOP us from doing all these things that biologically speaking are or might be a threat to our survival. Challenging yourself and agreeing to things you are not certain about might be scary but a hell of a fun.

Being adventurous doesn’t require that much of an effort or funds – all you might need is a backpack, some canned food, good shoes and a passionate, hungry for adventures, fast-beating heart.

Viktorija Gorcakovaite

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