Ieva Poriete: From Playing With Wires In Dad’s Garage To Discovering Moms Sewing Machine

Ieva Poriete is a Latvian designer whose garments are full of surprise and contrast.  Looking at her garments, one can notice two sides of the new talent in the fashion industry: feminine elegance and naughty boyishness.  “So, who is Ieva Poriete?”,  I ask her.  “A young and ambitious person that is trying to break ground in the fashion business, and who has a naughty boy sitting on one shoulder and a girly girl on the other.”, she explains with a smile.

Designer Ieva Poriete

Fashion designer Ieva Poriete

Playing in dad’s garage

Ieva chose to follow her passion to create clothes. In 2008, she packed her luggage and left for United Kingdom. It is said that big fish need big waters, and that is probably the best explanation why Ieva followed her dream to study fashion design abroad. Yet the passion didn’t start in childhood; back then she enjoyed playing with wires in her dad’s garage. “When I was a child, I would always wear trousers that had lots of pockets, so that I could store all the things I found in my fathers garage such as screws, little pieces of wood, stones or coins.  I also remember how my cousin and I would take apart electronic devices  just to see what they were made of. It’s so exciting to find how things are made!”, Ieva says.
The days in her dad’s garage ended when the curious teenager found a sewing machine. “I discovered my mother’s sewing machine and that was when I discovered my passion for fabrics and fashion. The first thing I did was putting patches on my favourite trousers. With days and weeks passing by, I found different fabrics like beautiful silk satins and a pleated floral print skirt that mum used to wear. I thought I could make something big and bold like they wear on TV. From then on, it was decided and I was unstoppable. When I was 14 -15, I was regularly buying Burda magazines (a fashion magazine with patterns and construction instructions inside). I offered my friends a choice of some designs, for me to make for them. It was so much fun, we used to stay up until early morning just to get things ready for next day.”, she explains enthusiastically.

silk gold dress by Ieva Poriete

cotton shirts by Ieva Poriete


Perhaps all of us have the duality in ourselves; something contrasting our own thoughts and behavior. Designer Ieva seems to know how to put it to use, especially because the contracts in her life are even stronger as she was born under the sign of Gemini. “Since I am born in Gemini sign, I have a strong passion for things that are opposite or contrasting. I feel it brings ideas that sometimes clash, but many times it comes up as something unique, like the “Restriction” collection I did as final piece while in university.”, she explains.
The collection seems to have been a huge success, as Ieva managed to match and bring outrageously edgy, sharp yet soft looks that have become a great start in her career as a clothing designer.
Currently, the young Latvian designer is still in United Kingdom working under her own brand “Ieva Poriete Designs”, where she designs feminine yet edgy garments. Ieva describes her needs to express her dual thoughts while creating something outrageous: “I think of femininity and graceful looks, but at the same time mix it with something outrageous, or bring practicality into the design. That is what I am doing at the moment, I am making garments that are light and feminine but still have practicality and a little bit of fun element.”, says the designer.

muuse Ieva Poriete


Ieva, who is currently working on a new holiday inspired collection targeted towards working women, seems to know what to do next in order to develop a prosperous future in a fashion industry. “Most of my free time is taken to develop the business. I have a family wedding to attend this summer, and I automatically start to think whom should I meet and spend time with to prosper the business.”
The young designer says that due to the hard work, she sometimes feels the need to balance her time and go on holidays simply to relax and enjoy herself. That is probably the reason why she currently is working on a collection for busy working women, who have had enough of hard working and cold weather. “I am developing a collection that makes it easy to pack the bags in the last minute for women who have bought a flight ticket and are ready to leave.  Products will hit the market for Spring/Summer ’14.”, Ieva says.

“I sincerely think that fashion and making clothes is truly my only passion.”, says Ieva, who has consistently been working towards reaching her goal of becoming a famous and appreciated fashion designer.

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