Daydreaming: Paris, Latin Quarter


Rainy Spring finally reached Denmark and brought some longing need for the evenings with a warm blanket, a cup of mint tea and daydreaming about romance. We value daydreams because they transfer us to different places and unknown spaces. My dreams fly me to Paris, where almond trees are already blooming in a light pink next to Notre Dame Cathedral. Where doves been fed by an old man sitting in a street cafe and giving his last bites of croissant to always hungry birds.

If you go little bit to South from Notre Dame you’ll dive into vibrant street atmosphere – Latin Quarter. Divided by two Boulevards St. Michel and St. Germain, the net of hundreds modest size, crooked streets filled with galleries, cafés, bookshops and always something surprising.
Step in Cluny Museum, which is built in an ancient Roman Baths. Astonishing architecture and exposition will teleport you to the medieval ages. Musée de Cluny medieval gardens and famous “Lady and the Unicorn” (La Dame à la licorne) tapestry will indeed remind you that you are dreaming. It just cannot be true!

When continuing your journey in the Latin Quarter, remember to stop by at small bookshops. Sorbonne’s students come to catch a good deal on old books about the places they dream of, to get lost in rows of bookshelves and the smell of an old print.

Latin Quarter always was a place for Sorbonne’s University students. Located just few blocks away, founded in the Middle Ages it’s been attractive place for students to live, to create vivid surroundings, youthful and bohemian life styles. Even the name came from the students, who were taught in Latin in early years of Sorbonne. Today St. Germain part grew to be a prestigious district marked with chic scent not affordable for students anymore. From nothing to everything.

Keep on walking until a small gallery will catch your eye and a painter inside the high ceiling room will invite you to step in and take a look. His clothes are all stained in oil paints and a rolled cigarette is smoking in his all palette colors tinted fingers. He’ll definitely tell his story, how he left his well-paid job in advertising, bought a studio here and now paints for himself not for anybody else. How he hated his job and lost his love over the career, how he enjoys his friends coming over and having lunch with a good wine in Jardin du Luxembourg. What he won’t tell you will be that he lives just up the street and inherited the apartment from his filthy rich parents. From something to nothing. In Latin Quarter it works either way.

It is easy to dream and I might draw a nice picture of Latin Quarter in Paris. But please, take your chances and give yourself a break in May just to visit Paris for couple of days. Go get flown together with romantically pink almond blossoms into the narrow streets of Latin Quarter. Get ready for dreaming, ladies.

Ugne Balciunaite

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