Danish Christmas Dish: Caramelized Potatoes

The first time I tried Danish caramelized potatoes during one of many Christmas dinners with my friends some time ago I didn’t believe I am eating potatoes. They were small, firm, sweet and smelling like something in between of apple and candy. This incredible and easy Danish Christmas dish can be used as a side dish together with roasted pork or as a dessert (well, I am a weird foreigner, so it’s allowed, I suppose?). 

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- Sugar (2/3 of a cup)

- Butter (150-200 gr)

- Small potatoes (1 kg)


First of all, boil potatoes. It is advised to boil them with the skin on and peel it off when they’re cold. Melt the sugar in a completely empty, clean pan until it becomes liquid. Add butter and stir it all until even on a small heat. When it starts caramelizing, add all potatoes in. Constantly stir and bake them for about 20 minutes. Those brownish, sweet and sticky potatoes make a perfect match together with roasted pork and red cabbage salad. Enjoy!

Lea Rozena

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