Daily Exfoliator From DanishSkinCare

Daily Skin Exfoliator, according to the company DanishSkinCare, is a must-have product. It is said to be great for acne, rosacea and sun damage treatment in order to help the skin look healthy and minimize pimples as well as wrinkles. 

Smooth skin

An exfoliator does not have any particular smell and is transparent, therefore suitable for the usage of an allergic, irritated, tired and acne-prone skin. Even though the product is said to be most effective in diminishing pimples and I do not have them, I decided to try the product anyways. ”It is A MUST HAVE product in ones daily skincare rutine – use is every night after washing your face and before you apply cream.”, said Martin from DanishSkinCare, after I was guided to use it on a cotton pad after I wash my face and before I apply a daily cream and both me and my boyfriend tried the product.

After application on my face I could notice the prompt reaction: I felt a slight tension on my face. And, to my surprise, my face absorbed the daily cream that I use much faster than usually.

Pros: helps to fight the pimples, smoothens the skin, fits all skin types, pleasant consistency (not too oily).

Cons: slightly bit pricey.

It is a little difficult to evaluate the exfoliator not having tried other products from the DanishSkinCare, yet after having tried an exfoliator on two skin types: relatively greasy skin with some pimples (my boyfriend) and dry skin (me), I would consider the ideal user of a daily exfoliator to be young individual facing acne and generally having an irritated skin.

For product purchase and more information visit http://www.danishskincare.dk/

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