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Peepers Denmark is a creative model and event agency, where fashion, curves and wow-experiences are at the core. Even though they are pioneers in curvy fashion in Denmark, they aim to change the image and beauty ideal in the fashion industry by organizing fashion shows and fashion events, both nationally and internationally. Mica Oh, 38, has worked with art and fashion for many years. After she observed the tendencies and made her own conclusions, the result was the creation of the fashion agency. “Two years ago, in 2011, I helped to organize one of the Fashion Week shows, and I realized that some changes must be made. The majority of women think that models on the catwalks are too thin and young. Such models do not inspire the purchase of new clothes, since women cannot identify themselves with the young and skinny models who present new garments on the catwalk”, says the founder and creative director of Peepers Denmark, probably one of the world’s most popular curvy model agencies.

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In search of an absolute beauty

A number of scholars have tried to analyze the meaning of absolute beauty. They tried to come up with proportions and measurements of an ideal man and woman, yet it has changed with the times. Looking at the past, glamourous Hollywood was filled with gorgeous busty models. Marilyn Monroe, who was a 42-44 size, would probably be shocked seeing how skinny models nowadays are, since femininity and forms back then were on the top. The concept of absolute beauty is definitely changing with the times, cultural and economical state, and all three of them are definitely reflected in the fashion industry.

Yet what do the majority of us think of what is an absolute beauty, and how does it influence our lives? According to Peepers Denmark founder Mica, the term of an absolute beauty does not exist in her life. ”Beauty lies in diversity amongst us”, she says, adding that we all should love ourselves. “In this case, when I am asked about absolute beauty, I would quote our ambassador Mia Jexens: “Love yourself.  A body and mind in balance is always healthy. The trick is to love your body the way it is created”.

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Curves are back

Fabulous curvy fashion is back! When you think back to a couple of months ago, there was a big discussion at Copenhagen Fashion Week, which took place in February, since curvy models were also walking on the catwalks this year. After a huge success and acceptance, it has been decided that curves are back. Peepers Denmark is playing a large part in changing Danish fashion and perceptions about models. ”All of Peepers models are strong women. We believe that you have to be strong and seek for development in order to inspire others and make a history”, Mica says. ”We’re looking for girls no matter where we are – cafes, shops or at the library. We are looking for curvy and strong women who want to be a part of change”.

Peepers Denmark could, without a doubt, be called an extremely innovative company, which is breaking all the standards in the industry and bringing a fresh, new idea to the Danish market. The company is constantly developing and establishing contacts with other countries, as there is a huge market in Netherlands, Germany, England, Croatia, Poland, Brazil and in the United States. According to Peepers Denmark ambassador Camilla Hansen, who is also a curvy model, the market in New York and Denmark is very different – in the US, curvy models are being known and accepted, while it is still a new concept in Denmark – even though curvy models still face a lot of difficulties in the industry simply because they are perceived to be too big.

Even though both men and women claim that ”real men like curves, only dogs go for bones”, a lot of women still want to lose a little weight to become a little more self-confident, even if they are in a perfect body shape. ”I think women should simply love themselves”, says Mica Oh. ”I know that’s easier said than done, but in Peepers we always say that girls have to love themselves, love their curves, love the fact that you are a woman, and that you naturally have been allowed to get a body in constant development, changing from a young teenager to a mature woman with knowledge and experience. Just as the history of life tells a story, the female body tells its own.  You simply have to be proud of every part of your body and believe in your beauty, for it is yours and no one can take from you.”

Peepers Denmark models

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