Couple Of Must Do’s In Your Professional Life

A fierce competition in 21st century keeps us focused on to our education and job experience, yet, according to numerous surveys, it is not enough to have a brilliant resumé in order to catch employers attention: you have to make yourself visible and your skills needed. Keep in mind that majority of HR managers are required to check your name and surname online to evaluate your online presence and seriousness. Therefore in case you’ve got a crazy Facebook picture as your profile picture, it could be a good idea to invest in a professionally-looking one.

Social Media Presence

You simply have to have fluent, clear and easy-to-read information about you. Adding a catchy and business-like professional picture as well as clear and positive information about you on Facebook can definitely add more points to your “invisible account” in employers eyes (no stupid pictures, no pictures with other people and no pictures with alcohol). Professional Twitter and LinkedIn profiles are must-to-have.

Being familiar with social platforms as well as having social media presence could definitely boost your CV as well as visibility (which consequently means that potential employers might find your profile and get to “know” you much easier than before).


Even though the word itself has become a widely used buzzword, you should not underestimate the value of it. You should always be professional in meeting other people and present yourself who you are, what you do and mention, that you are looking for new opportunities/challenges. Who knows, maybe a friend of a friend of yours knows someone, who is looking particularly for a new [insert your profession here] in his company?

Helping Out Others

Experience in volunteer job nowadays has become even more important than ever before. Volunteering experience shows that you are willing to do something without a reward just because you enjoy it. If the volunteering experience is relevant to the job you are looking for – it could be a good idea to tell (write) about such experience to your potential employer! Who wouldn’t like to employ a person who is passionate about what he/she does?

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